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This is the home of The American Statistical Association (ASA), Temple University Chapter.

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American Statistical Association: Promoting the Practice and Profession of Statstics®

The American Statistical Association is the world’s largest community of statisticians, the “Big Tent for Statistics.” It is the second-oldest, continuously operating professional association in the country. Since it was founded in Boston in 1839, the ASA has supported excellence in the development, application, and dissemination of statistical science through meetings, publications, membership services, education, accreditation, and advocacy.

Upcoming Events
Cliff Tironi talk & general body meeting: performance/leadership data analytics (food will be served) ·April 14 · 12pm - 1pm
General body meeting for all stat majors to establish necessary coursework/highlight any concerns with curriculum. Advising officer will be present. Food will be served · April 19
ASA's datafest at Villanova (hackathon for data analytics). Encouraging all who are interested! · April 21-23
Statistics department will be hosting a high school stat competition, and high school students will be present. We will be assisting with this event. · April 27

Executive Board

Rahul Nimmagadda

Co-Founder & Co-President
I was one of the first at Temple to declare the Stat. & Data Analytics major because I've always had an interest in statistics and, after seeing the curriculum, found the coursework in the major to be not only extremely relevant to today's business needs, but also incredibly interesting. Jon & I chose to create an AmStat chapter here because we felt Temple's statistical science students deserved the opportunity to be exposed to the field and the people within it. I'm also a finance major with intent to graduate with a dual degree in Spring of 2019.

Jon Huynh

Co-Founder & Co-President
I chose Statistical Science and Data Analytics as my major because I think it's interesting and cool how data can tell a story. Rahul and I wanted to start the Temple University Chapter of the American Statistical Association because we wanted to help give other students the opportunity to see how statistics and data can influence almost, if not every, industry. I'm hoping to pursue a career in data science. In my free time, I like to bake.

Patrick Gleeson

I am currently a double major in Economics and Finance. I chose to major in Economics because I think it provides a good combination of critical thinking and quantitative skills. It's also a great major to prepare for potentially attending law school. I chose to add a Finance degree because I enjoy working with numbers and it should prove useful if I decide to work in industry. I joined AmStat to gain leadership experience, make friends, and gain invaluable experience interpreting and analyzing data. In my spare time, I enjoy travel, reading, photography, and spending time with friends.

Alyssa Klauder

Director of Communications
I am currently a sophomore majoring in statistical science and data analysis. I chose this major because I’ve always loved math and statistics, but didn’t want to be in a career that was limited to only statistics. I joined TU AMSTAT to help the organization grow with other students with an interest in business and statistics. Something about me that not many people know is that I love to ski and have been skiing since I was 4 years old.

Amit Mistry

Director of Information Technology
I'm a sophomore Management Information Systems major with a minor in Information Science and Technology, and I'm a part of AmStat to gain new experiences. I'm into artistic web & software design as well as business analysis, so that's why I'm studying these two.

Isaac Parlow

Fundraising Chair
I am a sophomore actuarial science and finance double major. I chose this major mainly because my mom said it was a good field, but math is also my best subject so everyone is happy. I joined AMSTAT because it was related to my major and I wanted to get involved in an SPO instead of just attending meetings like I have been doing. As a new organization, I feel I can leave my mark and advance the SPO to where it needs to be. A fun fact about myself is that when I’m not studying for actuarial exams, I like to play guitar in my free time.

Madeline Bixler

Community Service Chair
I am a sophomore actuarial science major. I chose to study actuarial science because it balances both business and mathematics, both of which interested me. I wanted to be a part of TU AMSTAT to sharpen my technical skills and learn about business applications for statistics. When I am not doing math I like to bake for my friends and family.

Vanessa Colon

Events Co-Chair

Amanda Violante

Events Co-Chair

Our Advisor